Styling your hair shouldn’t make you wince, shriek or cry. If your hair is tangled, banish the bird’s nest. Smart styling techniques can create smoother, healthier and more manageable tresses. When it’s time to style your tangled tresses, you need 8053425807

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When there’s a 9 a.m. meeting on the agenda, a blowout is just not happening. But that doesn’t mean having to show up to work looking like a hot mess. Wash-and-wear hair can absolutely look chic. It’s just a matter 2707023298

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Women of Indian decent have some of the most beautiful features. Their almond shaped eyes are gorgeous and they should be the main focus when applying makeup. Indian women like every ethnicity vary in skin tones, from olive to dark 4039571334

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The beauty industry has adopted hyaluronic acid as the best hydrating and wrinkle-plumping ingredient in the cosmetic industry. Found in everything from moisturizers and serums to mascara and lip gloss, no other ingredient has been as widely praised and incorporated 9093879715

How to Remove Lip Wrinkles Naturally

Lip wrinkles are among the first age signs to appear on your face in nearly all cases. This is because lips are exposed to more environmental elements and also because they receive more stress and less protection than most other Read more…


Lip primer is used as a sort of foundation for your lips, before applying lipstick or gloss. It fills the fine lines and wrinkles of your lips to prevent lip color from bleeding into the cracks, making them more pronounced. Read more…

How to Apply everyday Makeup

Tips Finding the right hue of the foundation is very important. A good rule is to brush a bit on your jaw line: if it gets confused, it’s right for you. If not, try a shade lighter or darker. If Read more…

How To Apply Makeup For Beginners

Makeup can create magical things, but this should not be a mystery. The use of a basic, natural look does not require a large number of skills or tools. You can do a lot with your fingers and leave some Read more…

The Best Makeup Tips

For centuries, makeup was a ritual for human civilization, but nowadays appearance, products and methods seem to be changing every minute. Although we undoubtedly draw inspiration from Cleopatra’s eyes or Marilyn Monroe’s bright red lips, today’s makeup procedures look completely 929-590-2284


Learning to use eye makeup is not easy even for experienced beauty lovers. If it’s hard for you to decipher all these complex make-ups, we have a simple guide for each part of the eye, so you know where all Read more…

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